App profile and currency settings

DropShop requires information from your store to work. Along with access to your orders and products, we also need some of your store's metadata like your timezone, as well as user supplied information like your operational currencies. These can all be configured from the Profile and Subscription view

In this article you will learn about:

Settings Summary

This section provides store owners with an overview of the current app and store settings. Some of these options are retrieved from the integration with your Shopify store, and some are user selected. You can also review your subscription settings from this page.

Editing your profile settings

Along with doing this the first time that you sign into DropShop, you can also go back an edit your app settings in the profile and subscription section. To edit you settings click on 'edit app settings'.

Operational Currencies

Operational currencies represent the currency option that you use to do business in. Mainly, for DropShop, the currencies that you use to purchase goods will be valuable to enter. This will restrict the selection options when marking orders as paid.

Uninstalling the app

If you want to remove the app from your store you can do so by clicking the uninstall button in the footer of the profile and subscription page. We will keep your data for up to 30 days in case you come back!

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