Paying your suppliers

DropShop does not handle the exchange of funds between suppliers and stores. It is the store owners responsibility to do their due diligence and ensure that they can trust their business with their supplier. DropShop only facilitates the tracking of bulk orders in a centralized location

Ways to pay your suppliers

There are many ways to exchange funds between your business and your suppliers in exchange for the goods which you are purchasing. There are varying advantages and disadvantages to each, but it really comes down to comfort and how you currently do business.


It is fairly easy to use Paypal to transfer funds between you and your supplier. Your supplier can send you a money request, or you can transfer money without a prompt. See Paypal for  more information.

Wire transfer

Banks, credit unions, and money exchange facilities allow you to send money to any destination you require. These take a bit more upfront to setup.

Special AliExpress or Ebay listing

Your supplier may be convinced to setup a private listing on their AliExpress or Ebay store, for the amount that you owe for an bulk order.

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