Configuring Carrier Mapping Schemes

Carrier Mapping schemes are a great way to build customer trust, as the alternative is often sending the customer to an ambiguous tracking website that they have not heard of before, and have little faith in.

In this article you will learn:

Understanding what carrier mapping schemes are

A carrier mapping scheme is a mapping between a list of countries and mailing carriers (and optionally a carrier tracking website) that are used together as a scheme when importing tracking information for a Shopify customer order. For instance, in a carrier mapping scheme that mapped the carrier 'USPS' to the country 'USA' all suppliers that use this scheme, and also have a Shopify order within the USA, will use USPS (and the USPS website) as the customers tracking service at the time of fulfillment.

This means that when a customer tries to track their order (if they have used a supported registered traceable shipping method like ePacket) they will be directed to the USPS website instead of a generic service like 17 Track.

Supported ePacket (and registered mail) carriers and what to do with the unsupported carriers

Often if you are drop-shipping an order, to try and alleviate long shipping times and prevent customer fraud, you will use a shipping method like ePacket, registered mail (for some countries), or other traceable shipment methods. International systems being what they are today, it is often possible to track these registered parcels partially or completely on the customers destination home mail carrier's website tracking service (for example USPS for the USA). 

This means that if we know that ePacket to the USA supports tracking the ePacket tracking number on, or that ePacket to Australia supports tracking through the AUSPost service, then why would we not use those services to enhance customer trust?

All unsupported carriers can be routed to the 'Rest of World' service at the time of setup, which can be directed to a standard service like

Using this method helps customers internalize that your business is associated with a reputable organization like the USPS and helps build faith.

Creating a carrier mapping scheme

DropShop is initially configured with a standard '(Default) ePacket and Registered Mail' carrier mapping scheme which does its best to map countries to ePacket supported carrier services. If you would like to create a custom scheme, you can do so easily.

In DropShop go to App Settings -> Carrier mapping schemes and click Add scheme:

Complete the form as required, mapping countries to carriers:

To assign a custom tracking URL to a country, choose the 'Other' mapped carrier. All other carriers (that are not 'other') are supported by Shopify, and Shopify will handle the creation of the tracking URL.

Assigning a carrier mapping scheme to a supplier

Edit a supplier, and change the carrier mapping dropdown to your created carrier mapping scheme. This is necessary before tracking information can be imported.

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