Connecting and managing supplier products

In this article you will learn:

Connect products to a supplier - by editing the variant

From your store's  Products page, select the product to be fulfilled by the custom service.In the Variants section, click Edit in line with the variant to be fulfilled by the custom service.

Fulfillment highlight edit

In the  Shipping section, select the fulfillment service you want to use from the Fulfillment service drop-down menu.

Click  Save to save your changes.

Connect products to a supplier - by bulk editing

Use the Shopify admin product bulk editor. Include the fields for fulfillment service (and SKU if you need to update that as well). Update the fields as necessary, then save your changes:

The manage products view

DropShop enables you to view all the products which you currently have linked to a supplier in one location. You can filter this list by visiting directly from the  supplier configuration page.

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