Bulk Exporting Orders

You bulk export Shopify orders for configured suppliers in this area of DropShop
Please note: Currently, DropShop does not export historical orders from before DropShop was installed on a shop and from before suppliers have been associated with products through the app for the first time. This means that if you installing the app, and you are just setting things up, you will need to wait until tomorrow until you can make your first export.

Only active suppliers will appear for selection in the supplier selection frame. This view allows you to select as many suppliers as you would like and then a time period to export for. If your supplier does not appear, please make sure that it is marked as active. Suppliers are required to have an export format selected in order to proceed with the export process.

Understanding what Shopify orders will export

When you choose a supplier for export, all Shopify order line items during your selected time period which contain an active SKU for the selected supplier, and which are not void, unpaid, or, cancelled, will export.

Exporting already fulfilled orders

When exporting, if you choose the option to include "already fulfilled orders" DropShop will export orders regardless of their fulfillment state within Shopify. It will however, not export cancelled, void, or unpaid orders. This option is used primarily for exporting historic orders for external reporting. When this checkbox is selected DropShop will calculate quantity based on the orders line items total quantity, and not just the current outstanding and fulfillable quantity.

Export Date Selection

The supplier table should provide you a guideline for the period where you have exported up until. The Supplier table displays the last known exported date--however, this can be misleading in case you accidentally exported and then voided an order, as every export action will increment the last exported date for the exported supplier to the max end date selected.

DropShop works on full day orders, this means that we only accept and export full days worth of orders. If you need something with more granularity of exporting times, please reach out to us and we will add it to our feature request list.

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