Managing Orders

You manage all of your store's bulk orders from this area of DropShop.

Orders Page

Placing bulk orders with your drop-shipping suppliers is a great way for your business to save time and money. After you capture a collection of customer orders within Shopify, you can easily export your orders for suppliers which you have configured in DropShop. Your bulk orders will then appear in the Manage Orders area of DropShop where you can review their status and quickly download the most recent associated file for each of them.

Scaling your business

Want to save time and money on ordering and customer tracking services? Convince your suppliers (whether you have found them through AliExpress, Ebay, or via another source) to accept orders through an exported bulk file. This is a quick way to keep up with the increasing demand of your business without hiring and managing expensive virtual assistants.

The manage orders page provides a filterable list of your store's bulk orders. You can filter the list by viewing all orders, by all unsent or unpaid orders. You can also filter this list by orders that require tracking information, or orders that have been marked as void.

The manage orders page provides you context of when orders were placed and what supplier they relate to.

Download Files

If a file is available for an order, the manage order page allows you to quickly download the most recent export or tracking file with one click.

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