Getting started guide and checklist

After a store owner has completed these steps they should be well on their way to managing their bulk orders with DropShop

There is a bit of setup required in order to start using DropShop. However, it is not too much work, and it is pretty easy, as it uses some tools in the Shopify admin that you are already familiar with. So, lets get started! And remember, if you ever need any help just reach out to us and we will do our best to ensure you are satisfied.

Please note: Currently, DropShop does not export historical orders from before DropShop was installed on a shop and from before suppliers have been associated with products through the app for the first time. This means that if you installing the app, and you are just setting things up, you will need to wait until tomorrow until you can make your first export.

Steps to complete setup:

  1. Convincing your suppliers to accept bulk files
  2. Setting up a supplier in Shopify
  3. Setting up a supplier in DropShop
  4. Setting up the supplier's carrier mapping
  5. Setting up the supplier's export format
  6. Associating Products in Shopify to a DropShop supplier
  7. Confirming synchronization of products from Shopify to DropShop
  8. Exporting orders with DropShop
  9. Paying your suppliers
  10. Reviewing DropShop order details
  11. Importing tracking information into DropShop
  12. Managing exported orders with DropShop

Quick getting started video:

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If you have any trouble getting started, please let us know! We are here to assist.

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