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Please note: Currently, DropShop does not export historical orders from before DropShop was installed on a shop and from before suppliers have been associated with products through the app for the first time. This means that if you installing the app, and you are just setting things up, you will need to wait until tomorrow until you can make your first export.

General DropShop Questions

What is the DropShop order workflow and why should I use it?

  • The DropShop order workflow is a process flow that users should follow in order to minimize complications that can occur from other fulfillment apps and fulfillment processes interacting with DropShop. For more information, read here.

Bulk Orders and Fulfillment

Can I export historic, or already fulfilled orders?

  • Yes. To export historic (usually already fulfilled orders) when you are completing the export process you should select the checkbox that says 'Include already fulfilled orders'. For more information, read here.

How do I import tracking information and fulfill Shopify orders?

Can I export orders for more than one supplier at a time?

How do I send bulk orders that I have generated to my supplier?

  • Currently this is up to you. We would recommend email, or arranging an FTP service between your supplier and your business. If you have alternate needs, please let us know and we can add a feature request.

How do I void or cancel an order?

  • When viewing an order's details, there is an option to 'void' the order. This will remove this order from any future calculations. Note: This will not cancel the order with your supplier. It is up to you to reach out to your supplier and let them know you want to cancel an order.

How do I pay my supplier?

  • There are many ways to pay your supplier. Currently, DropShop does not process or facilitate payment to your suppliers, this is up to you. Check out this article for existing payment options.

Why does one of my bulk order's statuses say "No Orders"?

  • This simply means that when you ran the export for the date range specified there were no customer orders for the supplier. For a full list of order status tags, check out this article.

What do I do if there is a fulfillment error when importing tracking information into DropShop and Shopify?

  • Usually, the error message should indicate what issue DropShop ran into when importing or fulfilling orders. Most of the time, you likely don't have to do anything, and it is simply letting you know a warning. If there was an actual error though (during fulfillment) you may need to manually inspect your tracking file, and manually fulfill the offending order rows within the file through the Shopify admin.

Suppliers and Products

How do I create a supplier in DropShop and Shopify?

How do I convince a supplier to accept and process bulk orders?

How do products get added and removed from a supplier?

  • Once a supplier is created, adding products to supplier is done through the Shopify admin with the tools you are already familiar with. You can do it in bulk, or you can individually edit a product or variant.

Can I add products to a supplier at anytime? What if I want to switch a product to a supplier after I have already sold a few without connecting the product to a DropShop supplier?

  • DropShop will only associate products with a supplier on a going forward basis. This means, if you made sales for a product, then decided to add it to a supplier, it will only be associated with the supplier from the time it was linked to the supplier, and all previous orders will not be linked or exported.
  • In this circumstance, you may want to manually export all unfulfilled orders made prior to adding it to a supplier (by exporting through the Shopify admin) and manually generating an export file which contains these line items. If you need help with this process, please let us know.

How do I ensure that the correct supplier was assigned to a product?

How do I pick the correct Shipping Carrier for each country that I ship to?

  • If you are drop-shipping and primarily using ePacket or registered mail, we would recommend using the default Carrier scheme. See here for more information.

App Settings

How do I know what export format to use?

  • This is really dependent on what your supplier expects. If they don't have a preference, start with one of the defaults and adjust it as necessary. See here for more information.

What export FILE formats can DropShop create?

  • Currently, DropShop exports files in either CSV (with UTF8 encoding or ASCII encoding), .xls, and .xlsx. See here for more information.

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